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Bee County Courthouses

Bee County has had four courthouses, all located in Beeville.

Temporary Bee County Courthouse, Beeville (Beeville-on-the-Medio) -- For the first six months after the formation of Bee County, the county commissioners met in under a large oak tree on the bank of Medio Creek and in a room rented from a local merchant. 

First Bee County Courthouse, Beeville (Beeville-on-the-Medio, Maryville) - Bee County's first courthouse, built in 1858, was a box frame structure, with board-and-batten walls, a wood roof and a dirt floor.  The building was located at Beeville-on-the-Medio, seven miles east of the current Beeville location. The building was moved seven miles west to Maryville after local citizens demanded a centrally located courthouse. When it was realized that the Texas Legislature specified that the Bee County seat be called Beeville, Maryville was renamed.

Second Bee County Courthouse, Beeville - In 1860, a one story courthouse was built by J. H. Toomy for $705.50.  Soon after, the Masons were granted permission to add a second floor on the courthouse to use as their lodge. The building was also used as a school and a church.  The building was used as a courthouse until 1879, when Bee County's third courthouse opened.  The Masonic Lodge purchased the old courthouse and continued to use the building until it was destroyed by fire on May 20, 1888.

Bee County Courthouse, Beeville, Texas 1879-1911Third Bee County Courthouse, Beeville - Beeville's third courthouse, a two-story building built on the site now occupied by the current courthouse, opened in 1879. It was a wooden structure built by Viggo Kohler for $3,425.  The courthouse burned on January 15, 1911, but most of the county records were saved from the fire. 

Beeville, TX Bee County Courthouse Fire, Jan 1911 at gendisasters.com.

Temporary Bee County Courthouse, Beeville - The Grand Opera House served as a temporary courthouse until a new courthouse was constructed in 1912.  The Grand Opera House was later destroyed by fire in 1919.

Bee County Courthouse, Beeville, Texas 1950sFourth and Current Bee County Courthouse, Beeville - The county's fourth and current courthouse opened in 1912, and was remodeled in 1942 and1948-50 and probably at other times since its construction. With the aid of $3.8 million in state funding, the 1912 Courthouse was restored and rededicated in 2006.