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St. Philip's Episcopal Church, Palestine

The men and women who today are zealous workers in St. Philip's Church are: Rector, Rev. T. J. Sloan; Sr. Warden, Mr. John Fox; Jr. Warden, Mr. R. E. Montgomery; Treasurer, Mr. M. K. Hunter; Music and Choir, Mr. Eugene Fish; Sunday School Superintendent, Mrs. John Vokes.

Teachers—Mmes. Russell Blanchard, Will Wagnon, John Vokes, Misses Mary Beth Barnes, Nellie Normington, Bonnie Bess Morris.
Choir—Mr. Eugene Fish, Director; Mrs. Joe Davis, Organist; Mmes. Loyd Bailey, Ogilvey, Ruby Bruno, R. E. Montgomery, John Carson Rodefield, Eugene Fish, Miss E. Naylor, Messrs. Geo. Burkett, P. H. O. Green, and Frank Naylor.
Woman's Guild—President, Mrs. Joe Davis; Vice President, Mrs. Peel; Secretary, Mrs. Bradt; Treasurer, Mrs. S. E. Reed.
St. Philip's Guild—President, Mrs. R. Q. Linson; Secretary, Mrs. Tom Bond; Treasurer, Miss Mary Beth Barnes.
Woman's Auxiliary—President, Mrs. I. S. Dallam; Secretary, Mrs. Ted Davis; Box Secretary, Mrs. P. H. O. Green.

Of the charter members' descendants today "carrying on:" Misses Elizabeth and Jettie Colley, descendants of Mrs. Jettie Hunter; Mr. M. K. Hunter, Mrs. John Carson, Miss Kate Hunter, descendants of Mrs. M. M. Carr and N. W. Hunter. In other churches, Mrs. Jeff Reagan, Mrs. Jettie Word McCain, descendants, Col. T. J. Word; Mrs. Chas. Procter, descendant Sandifer family.

A Centennial History of Anderson County, Texas, 1936 by Pauline Buck Hohes.

Saint Philips Episcopal Church of Palestine. During the 1850s Mrs. Frances Henderson, wife of Governor J. Pinckney Henderson, helped found St. Philips as a mission. Upon the petition of the Rev. John Owens, who served part-time as the priest here, the Diocese of Texas in 1860 raised the mission to full parish status. During the Civil War, members met in homes, the Masonic Lodge, or the Methodist sanctuary. In 1863 the Rev. Caleb Dow became the first full-time rector. James Firth Brook designed this building, erected in 1875-76 on Oak Street. The congregation grew with the town and in 1903 the structure was moved here. - Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1979. Located at the corner of Sycamore and Crawford St. (not visible to public).


31° 45' 43.632" N, 95° 37' 50.844" W