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Palestine Schools

Secretaries of the Board of Trustees have served as follows :
A. W. Gregg 1885-7
C. A. Sterne 1887-1900
C. E. Young (Apr. 13 to May 8, 1900).
Chas. Reitch 1900-7
C. A. Sterne 1907-18
Frank Naylor 1918-19
Miss E. W. Cook, Miss Stacy, Morehead, and P. S. Colley 1919-20
C. E. Kingsbury 1920-22
Bonner Frizzell 1922

The Palestine schools are housed in substantial brick buildings. Bonds to the total of $342,000 were issued to finance their erection. They comprise: High School, Michaux Ave.; Junior High, Ave. A. ; First Ward, Alamo School, Cedar Street; Second Ward, Rusk School, North Jackson Street; Third Ward, Lamar School, S. Magnolia Street; Reagan School.

In addition to these, there are four substantial buildings for the negro schools: Douglass School, brick, Murchison Street; Washington School, frame, Fort Street; Banks School, South Jackson Street; Lincoln High School, Swantz Street.

The High School was erected in 1915. The Junior High, the latest of the school buildings to be built, was formally opened November 20, 1925. Stressing the fact that, "Some things can wait, but the education of children can not be delayed. Their opportunity, once passed, is gone forever, " a committee of twelve citizens, appointed by President of the School Board, had triumphantly waged the campaign for the new school. These twelve were: Mayor, H. V. Hamilton, O. B. Rogers, Tucker Royall, C. V. Dilley, T. M. Campbell, Jr., C. J. Crane, Jr., Virgil McInnis, A. A. Brooks, Mrs. P. B. Ezell, President High School P. T. A., Mrs. B. M. Douthit; President Grammar School P. T. A., Mrs. Johnson, President Rusk School P. T. A., Mrs. Gordon Broyles, President Lamar School P. T. A.

After preliminary work and report of this commission, aided by a sub-committee, appointed by them, which included J. C. Duncan and Bonner Frizzell, a campaign committee was appointed to aid in carrying an election in favor of the necessary bond issue and tax to finance project, as follows: Forrest Smith, Chairman; E. J. Summers, Secretary; H. I. Myers, T. M. Pryor, F. H. Eilenberger, Ed. Delaney, W. E. Holmes, R. H. Bunnell, M. G. Morris, C. M. Fairchild, B. M. Douthit, H. C. Williams, H. E. Bradford, Emmett Turner, H. F. Cheatham, Con De Vers, A. M. Burnes, Mrs. J. D. Pickett, Mrs. 1 N. Bietry, Mrs. B. H. Newman. Mrs. R. E. Montgomery, Mrs. C. V. Dilley, Mrs. M. A. Simmons, Mrs. J. B. Fitzgerald, and Mrs. T. A. Kiser.

Theo. S. Maffitt of Palestine was employed as architect by the school board, and general contract was let to Campbell and White of Cooper, Texas.



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