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Frankston History 1936

The Frankston Methodist Church.  The present beautiful brick church with its large, loyal membership which constitutes the Methodist Church of Frankston today, had a very modest beginning. In 1902 or 3, a small group of devout men and women met, probably in what is the Apostolic Church, and organized the Methodist Church.

The first pastor to serve was Rev. Mr. Pace. Services were held but once a month.

We know that four denominations used the same house for a period of seven years. It is to be presumed that the Methodists were one of these. If so, the building in which they worshiped until they erected a house of their own was the present Apostolic Church.

In 1908-9, the first church was built; Brother Power was the pastor.

Among the first members were: Mrs. E. L. Jones, now of Arkansas, Mrs. John Spencer of Athens, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Garrison of Lufkin, Mrs. Will Tanner of Frankston, and Mrs. Jim Dixon of Frankston.

The Methodist Church, with all Frankston, enjoyed a great Revival meeting in 1915. Rev. Sid Williams began it and Rev. Mr. Bigger, pastor of the Methodist, and Rev. Mr. Day of the Baptist 
Church continued it. A wonderful spiritual awakening resulted and the different churches of Frankston were increased by about two hundred members. Several of the most active members today came in at this time.

In 1929-30, the present beautiful and commodious building was erected. Rev. W. C. Hughes was pastor at the time. Rev. R. B. Moon is the present pastor. Under his wise sympathetic leadership, every separate department is functioning splendidly. This may be said emphatically about the young peoples' departments. The Epworth League is doing splendid work. Miss Mary Jo Austin is its efficient leader.

The writer is indebted to Miss Lucille Burks for the main facts set forth in this article.

- A Centennial History of Anderson County, Texas, 1936 by Pauline Buck Hohes.

Frankston Baptist Church. In 1902 Rev. R. R. Morrow organized the Baptist Church of Frankston, in the building now used as the Apostolic Church. The known charter members included: J. E. DeLong, Mr. and Mrs. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spencer, and Mrs. M. E. Slaughter. Of these only Mrs. Spencer and Mr. DeLong remain today.

The little building where the new church worshiped, was shared for several years with three other denominations. By 1910, a building of their own was constructed on lots donated by Miss Frankie Miller of Athens, and Dan R. Murchison. Later three adjoining lots were purchased from Mr. Murchison, and it is on these that the present brick structure has been erected. The building committee was: the late J. G. Saunders, J. J. Pitman, now of Alabama, and J. E. De Long.



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