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Elkhart History 1936

Perhaps no school in Anderson County is today better equipped or supplied with a more progressive corps of teachers than the Elkhart Independent School.

Superintendent Julian P. Greer says: "As Superintendent of the Elkhart Public Schools, I have attempted to build a rural high school that would meet the requirements of a rural clientele in that students would be taught the best scientific solutions of the problems confronting them in their every day life and battle for existence, and at the same time, be offered the general cultural curriculum necessary to get the most enjoyment out of life, regardless of the station filled. We have tried to pioneer in discovering what fields it is possible for a rural school to cover with the limitations of weather that always go with an agricultural district. We have attempted to hire our teachers on the basis of fulfilling some specific need of the schools."

The school buildings are modern and commodious. The main brick structure was erected in 1928; the grammar and vocational buildings were built in 1934. The equipment in all buildings is complete, and Elkhart boasts the modern telephone

and radio system which connects with all rooms. Radio programs thus constituting part of the regular school routine; and the superintendent in his office may "listen in" or participate in any recitation in any building.

The Vocational building is splendidly equipped; the Home Making classes in particular having every modern convenience for learning to sew, serve, cook, entertain, etc.

At this writing a $7,000 project of improvement is under construction. The Gym building is being finished—ceiling, etc. being done, sewerage and modern plumbing for the entire plant being installed; and the grounds being landscaped by the agriculture boys as part of their training. Mr. Mathews, the teacher for this department, loses no opportunity to give his boys practical experience.

All departments are functioning splendidly. The Home Making girls gave a style show in March which was a very beautiful exhibition of costumes made in class. A white linen dress for their teacher, Miss Richardson, was a pleasing item.

The Grammar School, Mrs. Louise Price, Principal, with an enrollment of 252, composed of pupils of the fourth, fifth, and sixth and low seventh grade, is jubilant over honors won in the Interscholastic League. In 1935, Adair Lassiter won cup in Essay Writing, Price, coach; and in 1936, the boy's team, playground ball won the fourth consecutive year, Wallace, coach. In 1935, this department won 152 State Penmanship awards, while 1936 brings approximately the same. The Primary department carried off first honors, the Silver Cup in Independent School Division in County Primary Meet.

In the Centennial Pageant planned for April 21, Elkhart will contribute the eighth episode "Centennial." Miss Merle Moore and Mrs. Louise Price are on the committee.

- A Centennial History of Anderson County, Texas, 1936 by Pauline Buck Hohes.

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